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Locking Devices

The G-S Company knows the frustration that accompanies getting the replacement parts that are often required with locking devices. Although the different manufacturers and the many different types of locking devices makes it impossible to carry everything a facility may need in our inventory, The G-S Company can either furnish your needs from our inventory or order what the end user needs. We have a number of suppliers who stock or have access to replacement parts for devices manufactured by a variety of companies.

Locks and Hardware

As with the locking devices, we are unable to carry in inventory the overwhelming amount replacement parts that are required in this industry. We do stock a large number of the basic parts associated with the most common detention locks and hardware. We can also assist in locating the not so common parts as well. Having the original manufacturer's part number would help us to find what you need, but we can also assist you if you do not have that information.

Although The G-S Company typically restricts itself to new installation, we do perform service work as well. We also have the ability to provide you with a detention service contractor to help get your locking system functioning again. We have contacts nationwide for this type of work. We can even provide routine maintenance on a regular basis to keep your locking system performing and prevent breakdowns which can create security problems as well as a reduction in the number of inmates a facility can house. Regardless of the type of locking systems you have, we can provide skilled mechanics and contractors to serve your needs.

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