Custom Railing Infill Panels

The G-S Company custom manufactures railing-infill panels to meet any design aesthetic.  We are certain we can meet yours.

Strong, safe fall protection.

Infill panels fabricated of steel woven wire mesh in open-toed steel channel frames which abut directly to rails and posts on all sides.

Creative beauty in rail systems.

Tartan Weave (TM)



The cost of mesh railing-infill panels increases as a function of the desired aesthetic.

  • Mesh pattern (e.g., the compound mesh patterns in our Tarten Weave(TM) product line are more expensive than simple diamond or orthogonal patterns).

  • Framing members (e.g., compound framing members like channels with flat bar closures or channels with capping swallow channels are more expensive than simple open-toed channel frames).

  • Base metal (e.g., mesh panels fabricated with stainless steel are more expensive than the same panels fabricated with carbon steel, pre-galvanized material and aluminum).

  • Final finish (e.g., powder coating over aluminum or pre-galvanized material, anodized aluminum, and polished stainless steel are all more expensive finishes than air-dried painted finishes over plain steel).

Appropriate Wire Gages for specific mesh patterns.


Simple Open-Toed Channel Frames

Intended for direct welded attachment to railing and post members.  As stated previously, mesh panels, which are fabricated with square or diamond steel woven wire in open-toed steel channel frames, are the least expensive option in the market place for infill railings.  While other open-toed channels can be and are used, the two most popular open-toed framing members are:

1” x 1/2” x 1/8” hot rolled steel bar channel

1” x 1/2” x 11 gage roll formed steel channel

Please note in the above Frame details:

  • When open-toed channel frames abut to round pipe rails and posts, the toes of the channels overlap the pipe.  To achieve neat tight fit of channel to pipe, the mesh panels must be made slightly larger than the tangent point to tangent point opening dimension.  

  • Because the points are larger than the opening in the rails, they cannot be installed in an already assembled railing.  This necessitates that the rail panels be fabricated prior to assembling the railing and shipped to the railing fabricator in order for the fail fabricator to integrate the mesh panels with the railing while the rails are built.

  • Sizing the panels to the same dimensions as the tangent point to tangent point opening will create unsightly gaps where channel meets pipe and should be avoided.

    The overlapping of channel toes on the rail members does not occur when open-toed channels abut flat surfaces, e.g. tube or flat bar rail/post members as shown below:

Hot Rolled Channel abutting Flat Bar

Roll Formed Channel abutting Square Tube



Required for safety and aesthetics whenever wire mesh infill panels “float” off the rails and/or posts. The exposed wire ends inside an open-toed channel are both unsafe and unattractive.  Closed perimeter panels float off the railing members and are attached via offset clips. These panels are often used simply because the “floating” look is preferred. but, floating mesh panels off the rail members has an added benefit for scheduling. Their use allows the railing to be fabricated simultaneously with, or even before, the mesh panels since the floating mesh panels do not need to be installed while the rail is assembled.

Toes of channels capped with 1/8” x 1” cold rolled closure flat.

Flat is intermittenly welded at +/- 6 inches o.c. to toes of framing channel all around both faces of panel and continuously at corners.

Framing channel swallowed by 1-1/4” x 5/8” channel cap.

This capping method eliminates the visual seam in elevation view noticeable with the previous closure flat method.

GS Box Channel (a.k.a. “slit tube”)

Mesh is tack welded intermittently to lips of continuous slit.  Tack welds are exposed to view.

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